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Accessories for sterilizing cont Accessories for sterilizing cont
ADSON-forceps ADSON-forceps
Bandage Scissors Bandage Scissors
Binocolar loupe Binocolar loupe
Bipolar forceps Bipolar forceps
Curettes and punches Curettes and punches
Dermatoscopes Dermatoscopes
Dermatoscopes LED Dermatoscopes LED
Dissecting Scissors Dissecting Scissors
Dressing and tissue forceps Dressing and tissue forceps
Expressors Expressors
Fine tissue scissors Fine tissue scissors
Hemostatic Forceps Towel Clamps Hemostatic Forceps Towel Clamps
Instrument care and storage Instrument care and storage
Instruments for phlebotomy Instruments for phlebotomy
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Needle Holders Needle Holders
Operating Scissors Operating Scissors
Retractors Retractors
Scalpels Scalpels
Skin hooks Skin hooks
Sterilizing containers Sterilizing containers
Suture removal scissors Suture removal scissors
Tissue scissors Tissue scissors


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