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HEINE® DELTA® 20 T Dermatoscope Head

HEINE® DELTA® 20 T Dermatoscope Head

HEINE® DELTA® 20 T Dermatoscope Head

DELTA 20 T Dermatoscope Head
with contact plate Ø 23 mm with scale and dermatoscopy compendium, without handle

Highest Quality Images and Diagnostic Flexibility – with LEDHQ For dermatoscopic examination for early diagnosis of malignant melanoma. Also for the examination of non-melanocytic lesions, basal cell carcinoma and dermatofibroma.

Precision HEINE Optics. High quality, achromatic optical system provides unmatched
sharpness and resolution. Focusing system provides for 10 x to 16 x magnification for
recognition of even the smallest details and structures.
Adjustable Eyepiece. Individual focusing, range of correction approx. - 6 to + 6 dpt.
LED in HQ: The new standard in LED illumination defining optimal light intensity,
homogeneity and colour rendering for the most accurate diagnosis. Red is red, blue is
blue. Colour temperature: typ. 5,000 K, Colour Rendering Index (CRI) > 80.
Optional small contact plate available. Special small contact plate for difficult to
access lesions.
Digital documentation capabilities. Connect to major brand SLR digital cameras
with HEINE digital camera lens system. Specially designed lenses integrate the camera
and DELTA 20 T optics together to provide the highest quality imaging possible.
Toggle between polarised and non-polarised illumination modes.
Conveniently alternate between polarised and non-polarised views with the press
of a button – no exchange of contact plates necessary. Allows recognition of the
“Blink Sign” when observing crystalline structures and presence of milia cysts,
increasing diagnostic function.

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HEINE® DELTA® 20 T Dermatoscope Head

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